Cluster  „EcoIndustria LT“

Mission of Cluster „EcoIndustria LT“ – Development and Application of Innovative Rubber Products and Technologies in Different areas of economic and social welfare development by recycling secondary rubber raw materials, by conecting:

  • rubber raw material suppliers,
  • rubber processing plants,
  • metal processing plants,
  • attracting science, education and business institutions opportunities.

 Vision of  Cluster „EcoIndustria LT“: to become a competitive group of innovative recycled products and technologies of rubber in Europe, uniting production-technological, scientific, professional and others resources.

 Cluster “EcoIndustria LT” aspirational – using:
• The principles of developing a circular economy,

• Human capital of Cluster members,
• Technical, scientific, Capital and Partnership capabilities –
to promote the implementation of advanced rubber processing technologies, production of modern, innovative, ecological rubber products in Lithuania.

 The main objectives of cluster „EcoIndustria LT“:
1. Increase horizontal and vertical integration of rubber industry;
2. Increase the production and export of high value-added rubber products from secondary raw materials;
3. To create preconditions for the cluster members and all of the country’s rubber processing industry international competitiveness.

„EcoIndustria LT“ – an innovative business cluster which has been operating under the „Joint Activity Agreement“ since 2014. It was an agreement between companies for purposeful activities, using innovative business organization models and business development opportunities in Lithuania. (Started with Membership 6 + 1).
From 2018, to develop new recycled rubber products, we have joined Science and Education, which are investing their knowledge in the development of production technologies, human resource preparation on a partnership and business basis will enable faster and more efficient creation of added value and become competitive in Lithuania and Europe (Membership 9 companies + 3 Education + 2 NGO).
By recycling of tires as waste of  rubber processing using new technologies, our companies produce  rubber granules and rubber powder. Rubber granules is material for  bituminous roofing or parking stakes and other products. Also, rubber granules can be used for sports grounds, playgrounds, or artificial grass fillers for rubber floor coverings.

Cluster Activities:
1. To prepare researches, to form scientific-technological possibilities for the production of modified, asphalt and special concrete;
2. Create new technologies for using textiles for new products;
3. Develop technical-scientific capabilities for polymer production;
4. To form RUBBER PROCESSING TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (laboratories) for the development and application of innovative products in various fields of economic and social welfare development.
5. To strengthen the human, technical, scientific, capital, innovative and partnership capacities of Cluster members;
6. To develop and promote a network of internal and external cooperation between business, science, training and service providers, providing its members with added value in research and development, marketing, business management, human resource development and environmental protection;
7. Promoting innovation by facilitating investment attraction;
8. Strengthen internal and external cluster partner relationships.

Our Partners: Tire Importers; Polymer production companies; Manufacturers of rubber products; Rubber coatings; Metal buyers; Scientific and educational institutions; Business support agencies.


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