About FTD LT

Cluster established in 2019, currently unites over 11 leading companies of the:

  • Machinery industry for food industry related sectors;
  • Metal and machinery industry sector;
  • Food Engineering sector;
  • Transport means for transporting liquid food products sector;
  • Dairies;
  • Vegetable oil processing companies;
  • Apple juice producer’s sector;
  • Apple‘s cultivating agriculture companies.

Main activities

1. R&D activities in food technology development related to liquids as:

  • milk,
  • soft drinks,
  • juices,
  • vegetable oils,
  • chocolate, etc.

2. R&D activities in food technology development related bulky products as:

  • cereal flakes,
  • flour,
  • pasta,
  • dry milk proteins,
  • whey proteins,
  • promising sweeteners, xylitol, groats, etc.

3. Training for cluster members.

What are we looking for

1. Digitization of new technologies of food industry on the principles of „Industry 4.0“;
2. International markets and networks;
3. New solutions for the safe transportation of liquid foods by road while maintaining strict thermal modes;
4. Cooperation in R&D&I projects;
5. Cooperation in EU projects.

Chairman of the Board
PhD. Vaidas Liesionis
+370 687 56780
vaidas@astra.lt; vaidas@ftd.lt;

FTD LT Cluster Coordinator
Algimanta Ščiglinskienė
+370 652 81500
direktore@avkc.lt; algimanta@ftd.lt; www.ftd.lt