Project „Employer empowerment to attract,  transfer and keep young people in metal industries“

Alytus Business Advisory Center together with its partners:

  • Vereinigung für Betriebliche Bildungsforschung e.V. (IBBF), Berlin, Germany. Managing Board Director Christine Schmidt;  Project Manager  Erik Malchow;
  • Innovation and developement promotion centre, Bialystok, Poland. Chairman of the Board Sebastian Rynkiewicz
  • Reindustria – Agenzia Cremona Sviluppo S.Cons.r.l.  Cremona, Italy. President of the Board, Giuseppe Capellini; General Manager – Ilaria Massari;
  • METAINDUSTRY4 – Cluster de fabricacion avanzada de la industria del metal de Asturias.  Gijon, Spain. Managing Director Maria Perez Medina,  Cluster Manager Jose Ramón Natal

Inviting You to participate in ERASMUS+ KA2 project AttTraK No. 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005206Employer empowerment to attract,  transfer and keep young people in metal industries“

The main goal of the project is to develop and strengthen high-quality skills related to recruitment and staff development for teachers and staff from partnering metal companies. Employers will empower young people to adapt to the metal industry’s labor market and prepare for future challenges. The economic impact of the project is the possibility of cooperation, the establishment of new contacts, the discovery of new employees and jobs for them, as well as the attraction of young people to the business in the metal industry.

Project activities will focus on the following 3 problematic sectors:

  1. The attractiveness of employers
  2. Transfer of the experience
  3. Professional guidance

The results of the project will be presented and discussed at an international conference in Berlin at the end of the project, where partners from all countries will be invited.
– Each partner plans to invite a delegation of 20 metal industry representatives (teachers, employers, teachers, government officials, clusters from other regions).
– The conference aims to create a network that ensures the sustainability of project results.
– The project aims to recruit 1,200 young workers in the metalworking sector.

Beneficiaries of the project: Young people who recently have completed their studies, students, educational and training organizations.

Objectives of the project:

  • Produce an accessible training programme for employers/HR professionals that company in the metal fabricating sector can use to help them overcome the barriers to recruitment of young personnel and apprenticeship engagement;
  • Develop the expertise and knowledge of those people running the training programme, to assist SME organisations in apprenticeship engagement;
  • Build a training programme that adds value to beneficiaries and can be sustained beyond project funding.

Sustainability of project results (durability) – Thanks to the project, young specialists who have completed their specialization studies will be able to quickly enter the working environment. The project will also form a closer relationship between students who are still studying and linking their future with the metalworking industry in respective partner countries (Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Lithuania). Lithuania will seek to develop existing partnerships with metal processing companies and universities (VGTU and KTU) and vocational training centers (APRC) in order to attract future specialists to the Alytus region.

Project duration: 27 months

Total project budget 108.446,00 Eur of which each partners have:

P1. Vereinigung für Betriebliche Bildungsforschung (IBBF): 19.069,00 EUR.
P2. Innovation and development promotion centre: 24.736,00 EUR.
P3. Alytus Business Advisory Center: 24.736,00 EUR.
P4. Reindustria – Agenzia Cremona Sviluppo S.Cons.r.l.: 14.794,00 EUR.
P5. MetaIndustry4 – Cluster de fabricacion avanzada de la industria del metal de Asturias: 25.111,00 EUR.



PROJECT PARTNERS MEETING IN BERLIN ON 16-17th of December, 2018. ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)


PROJECT PARTNERS MEETING IN CREMONA ON 16-17th of May, 2019. ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)




PROJECT PARTNERS MEETING IN GIJÓN (SPAIN) ON 2-6th of March, 2020. ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Workshop meeting in Gijón on March 2-6. presentation report