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“The Food Technologies Digitalization LT” /FTD LT/ cluster is looking for new opportunities in the development of liquid (milk, soft drinks, juices, vegetable oils, chocolate, etc.) and bulk (cereal flakes, flour, pasta, milk protein powder, whey protein, promising sweeteners (sorbitol, xylitol), croutons, etc.) food product technologies.

  • We aim to digitize new technologies and develop the food industry according to Industry 4.0 principles.
  • We are looking for new solutions for the safe transport of liquid food products by road, while maintaining strict time limits.

„Food Technologies Digitalization LT“/ FTD LT/ areas of activity:

  • More focus on new technologies (Industry 4.0, etc.)
  • Better access to international markets and networks;
  • Focus more on new export markets.

Cluster objectives:

  • Increase the horizontal and vertical integration of digitalization of technology into food;
  • Increase the production and export of high value-added digital technology products for the food industry;
  • To create the conditions for increasing the international competitiveness of cluster members and the technological digitalization of food production.

A new, lightweight and highly insulated stainless steel mainline tanker is currently being developed with a promising market outlook and the companies in the cluster have a strong interest in its development, production, and use.

Cluster members and partners will use the new stainless steel containers and pressure vessels in the food industry, as well as tankers for the transport of liquid food products, as a platform for product testing and demonstration.

OUR CREDO: The digital world is perfect, but first and foremost is Human. 


Chairman of the FTD LT Cluster Board