Adult education – Lithuania – Latvia.

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  1. Year 1999: EU PHARE Credo program project “Co-ordination of activity of SME support and development institutions for business information, consulting and training in the cross-boarder regions of Alytus, Lithuania and Suwalki, Poland”.
  2. Year 1999: EU PHARE Credo program project “Co-ordination Of Activity Of Sme Support And Development Institutions For Business Information, Consulting And Training In The Cross-Boarder Regions Of Alytus /Lithuania/ And Suwalki /Poland/”.
  3. Year 2000: “Training of 10 most progressive Non-Government Organizations”, funded from American-Lithuanian fund.
  4. Year 2000: “Training of 10 most progressive Non-Government Organizations”, funded from American-Lithuanian fund.
  5. PHARE Access program project “2-end Regional development congress in Europe Union” (Lithuania/ Poland).
  6. Year 2000: EU PHARE SPFprogram project “Joining Of Activities Of Municipality Institutions And Sme Associations In Alytus County For Integration Into European Union” (Lithuania/Poland).
  7. Year 2001: PHARE SPF program project “Days of young technicians of Suwalki” (Lithuania/Poland).
  8. 2002.11.30 to 2003.09.30: PHARE ACCESS study project “Alytus Region Social Services Sector Development By Increasing Business Activity For Integration Into Eu”/ Lithuania / Poland / Sweden.
  9. 2003.09.15 to 2004.10.30: PHARE ESC project “Upgrading Of Wood Processing Specialist Professional Skills By Fostering Employability Growth And Entrepreneurship In Alytus Region”.
  10. 2005 to 2006: PHARE 2003 programme “Cross border Cooperation Programme in the Baltic Sea Region” project “Increasing Potential of Economic Growth in Activating Tourism Sector through Development of Creative Industry and Creative Clusters in Regions of Lithuania and Poland”.
  11. 2006 to 2008: Neighbourhood programme Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad region of Russian federation Interreg III A Project no.2006/283 „Competency Development of Business Management and Cooperation“.
  12. 2010 to 2011: CCUL EU SF project “Entrepreneurship Promotion project services training and consultation”.
  13. 2009.10.01 to 2011.09.30: “Cultural Industry In The Polish-Lithuanian Border Sustainable Development Opportunities”.
  14. Year 2010: Lithuania/Poland program “Alytus BASC And ARES Suwalki Cooperation Development of Young Entrepreneurs Capability For Creating International Business Conditions Of The Cross Border Regions”.
  15. Year 2010: Lithuania/Poland program: “E-Cooperation – Innovative Clusters“. Partners Podlaskie Promotion Center.
  16. 2011 to 2012: „Sustainable Cross-Border Partnership PL-BY-UA And LT-PL-RU”.
  17. 2012.06.15 to 2012.11.30 Project funded by the Ministry of Economy “Business ABC” in Alytus County municipalities.
  18. 2012.06.12 to 2012.06.14: Contact Fair and Conference “Alytaus Region Investment attractiveness and accessibility of LITHUANIA in the world”.
  19. 2012-06-01: Business Conference in Ukmergė “Ukmergė Business 2012”.
  20. 2013, 6 th to 7 th of March: Conference „Let‘S To Invest In Alytus 2013“.
  21. 2013.05.16 to 2013.05.18: Contact Fair and conference “Improvement Of Conditions For Company Competitiveness In Alytus Region”.
  22. 2013, 3’rd of July: BUSINESS FORUM „2014-2020 YEAR – A New Chance For Economy Development Of Lithuania/Poland Cross Border‘s“, Sejny, Poland.
  23. 2013.07.03, Sejny, Poland: Business Forum 2014-2020 – New Chance Economic Development Of Lithuania / Poland Border Area.
  24. 2014.05.01 to 2014.11.01: Project “Starting Business In The Young? “.
  25. 2014.05.01 to 2014.10.01: Project “Poland And Lithuania Border Cluster Development – Competitiveness Of Regions”.
  26. 2015.03.01 to 2015.11.30: Project “PLAN BUSINESS – Earn Euro?”.
  27. 2015.05.18 to 2015.08.30: the EU SF 4 based Assistants Program Project. “Supplying Of Public Services And The Provision Of Information To Persons Wishing To Start To Business”.
  28. 2016.03.01 to 2016.12.15: Alytus Municipality SME Program Project “Public Business Services Alytaus Young Entrepreneurs 2016”.
  29. 2017.02.01 to 2018.01.31, Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland cooperation program project “Increase Competitiveness of the PL-LT Borderline Through Development of Clustering Services” /„IncomClus”.